Loxone Remote Control

Remote Services on VacationRemote control permanently connects you to your home, giving both easy control and information feedback …

…no matter where you are.

Anywhere Control

We are all used to the idea that we can control the TV without getting up from the sofa, but controlling the whole house in a similar way is still a relatively new concept. Remarkable as this idea is, it is perhaps still not as startling as the possibility of controlling your own house from anywhere in the world.

Loxone Cloud Services supplied by Chancery Contracts as part of our Smarthome package allows you to do just that - literally control you own house, from work, on the train, or even lying on the beach on a mediterranean holiday.

Why Remote Control

If you do not already have a Smarthome it might be difficult to understand why you might want to control your home settings away from the house. Not so many years ago, many would have said a similar thing about a permanently on broadband connection. Now permanently on broadband connections are regarded as an essential utility service - a bit like water or electricity.

Call in serviceThe reality is that the more you can do with a broadband connection, the more you want to do and it is the same with Smarthome remote control. In a well configured highly controllable house, there are often things that come to mind when away from the house. A sudden cold snap may make you want to start the heating early today. If you are staying away from home, you may want to randomly change the lighting configuration and close all of the curtains to discourage burglars. You may even just want to help someone else out in the house who is not familiar with the controls.

With the right type of intercom installed, you can even respond to a doorstep caller when not at home. Using the remote control service, you can see and speak to whoever is on your doorstep through your smartphone. If the caller is a delivery man, you can open the garage door so the parcel can be left in a safe place until you get back.

The bottom line, is choice and real control, anywhere - with no additional cost.

Messages From Cloud

cloud services callerThe need for remote control is not always obvious, but may be unexpectedly required in response to a situation at home. The trick is knowing when that situation occurs.

The Loxone Cloud Mailer service is designed for those unexpected situations that arise when you are away from home, but require you to make a decision.

The Cloud Mailer service can be configured to send an email message to you on certain trigger conditions. For example, you may set it to send a message if the temperature gets above a certain level in particular rooms in the summer. You can then decide whether the air conditioning needs to be started, or not.

Simple to configure and easy to use the Cloud Mailer service ensures you can stay in control, even when the house is unoccupied and unexpected events occur.

Secure Connection

padlock -secureRemote connections to your home are secure and use technological solutions that have been around for some years now. In making the connection to your home network, the service provides whatever device you normally use with an identity as if you are right there at home. This has to be pre-configured and relates specifically to the hardware installed. It is not therefore something that any stranger can use - even if they can establish a connection to your home.

Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our smarthome installations and Loxone remote control, then please get in touch.