Lighting Installation and Design

Chancery Contracts provides a fully comprehensive service in all aspects of lighting installation and design.

From concept to configuration, this means making the best use of modern technology to create the mood and effect desired in the most cost effective way and with optimal running costs.

Shop Lighting InstallationThis is more than just picking the right lighting to go in the right place. The concept of the 'Smarthome', or Smartbuilding is now becoming fully mainstream with most newly built offices and many new homes having smart technology built in. 'Smart' buildings automatically adapt to the users, switching things like lights and air conditioning on automatically as users move around the building. This not only makes the environment more user friendly, it also substantially reduces running costs.

Starting at the design stage, we begin by looking at what you would like to achieve with the end result - utility, ambience, or impact. Using simulation software we can then help you visualise the type of end result with the various lighting units available - and we have a very wide choice.

Whether the end result is an industrial, commercial or domestic environment we then establish an optimum solution of effect and operation within your budgetary constraints.

Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting InstallationLighting can often be the difference between a success and failure in retail.

We can create the mood you are looking for whether you are a clothes retailer, restaurant, or supermarket. For example, fashion shops mainly require 1000 lux for shop windows to grab the public's attention when walking past. The entrance to the shop should continue with this bright feel to make the shop welcoming.

Depending on what you are selling, various lamps offer different colour temperatures to bring the best out of your merchandise. For example, for dark clothing colours, lamps 840, or 860 are ice white and these help bring out the colours in dark clothing. For lighter coloured garments, lamps 827 and 830 deliver a warmer light to help bring out the more vibrant colours such as reds, yellows and greens.

For fitting rooms, we would recommend an increase in the level of lighting again, so the potential buyer can see the full detail of the merchandise.

No two retail environments are the same of course, but with over 20 years of experience in retail lighting, Chancery Contracts is able to offer expert to advice to deliver the best results from the retail unit, no matter how it is configured.

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Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting InstallationLighting in industrial environments can often be an afterthought and this can be a terrible mistake. Lighting in a production environment can have a huge effect on productivity. It can affect the mood of the workers of course, but other factors such as what is being produced, the age and even the prevalent gender of the workforce can all be considerations in designing the optimum industrial lighting solution.

There is also the small matter of running costs - a hugely important factor of course and an issue that can make it very tempting to compromise on the type and volume of lighting. New technology such as 'Smart' technology that switches lights off when they are not being used and lower power LED lighting helps a great deal in keeping running costs down. By looking at the full return on investment picture at the design stage, together with our extensive knowledge of optimum lighting solutions for productivity, allows our industrial customers to make a fully informed decision to achieve the best post possible result in the most cost effective manner.

Domestic Lighting

Domestic Lighting InstallationIn future all homes will be Smarthomes. While this is very much a vision for the future, the technology is available now. As with all new concepts or technologies, the early adopters tend to be those with the highest net worth at the largest properties. However, in recent times, we have installed smarthome technology in smaller properties and many new homes of all sizes have smarthome type lighting installed as standard.

Over many installations, Chancery Contracts now has a great deal of experience of Smarthome technology and how to combine it light fittings and lighting locations to achieve an optimum solution for effect, running costs, comfort and security.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting InstallationMainly used with commercial, or large occupancy residential premises - good emergency lighting can make all the difference between survival, or not in the case of a fire. Used when the mains fail for whatever reason, effective an well placed, emergency lighting is an essential component of all building safety considerations.

As well as emergency lighting installation, Chancery Contracts can advise on numbers, location an types of units to install to achieve requirements as British Standard 5266


External Lighting

External Lighting InstallationThe external lighting on any building can make a huge difference to how the building is viewed and to its security. However, as with many things, these two requirements are not always complimentary. Stark bright lights might make intruders more visible, but they will not make the building pleasant to look at in the evening.

The Chancery Contracts lighting design service establishes the right type, colour and location of external lighting to create the right effect. Mood lighting is mixed with conditional (or optional ) external lighting that can expose intruders should they be within sensor range, or trigger an intruder alarm.

Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our lighting installation and design services please get in touch.