Power Design and Installation


Chancery Contracts provides a complete power service from the initial circuit design through to installation. From the electrical meter onwards we specify, source and fit everything that is required for an efficient domestic, commercial, or industrial environment.

Mains Incoming Supplies: Cabling

Ceiling void cable runFor the vast majority of domestic installations the electrical cabling running to the house will be of a standard specification conforming to normal usage limits for the size of property. However for larger, special build ('Grand Designs' type) properties special considerations need to be made to establish just how much electricity will be used. This is true of almost all new commercial, and industrial premises where the supply specification needs to be made in the light of the type of work being undertaken and the machinery used.

In all instances Chancery Contracts can supply an initial consultative and specification service to ensure the correct size and rating of supply is established before ordering.

Panel Board Distribution

Panel board distribution is required in large industrial ,office blocks ,university or hospitals . These boards distribute large power around the buildings mainly to large machines, or three phase sub mains to areas where the power can be broken down to supply smaller single phase supplies. For example, lighting and sockets, or small three phase machines such as air conditioning units.

Panel boards in large buildings often have the capacity to have two supplies so that, in the event of a power failure, the supply can change over to a generator to provide power to the essential circuits.

Industrial Distribution Boards

Industrial  Distribution PanelIndustrial boards are normally three phase boards. These boards give the option of single phase 230 volt (lights and sockets small power), or three phase 415 volt for motors or machines and air conditioning units where the electrical loading is greater so it is balanced over the three phases.

With these boards again you can supply other sub main boards, single and three phase, depending on the requirements and the loadings. These boards can come with separate metering options so different area's can be measured separately, e.g. lighting power and outbuildings.

They also offer enclosure's that fit directly to the unit so modular units like contactors, relays, photo cells and time clocks can be mounted next the board giving you more flexibility on controlling your lighting and power.

Domestic Distribution Boards

Consumer Unit / Domestic Distribution Panel Most domestic distribution boards are single phase although some larger properties and farms have three phase supplies. Should you require a three phase supply at your property this is possible, but we would have to contact your local electricity network distribution company to obtain a quotation for an upgrade.

All modern boards have Rcd protection which detect a leakage in the current to earth. Have you ever tested yours ?

Please contact us for more information.

Three Phase

For heavy duty applications such as industrial machinery, a 3 phase circuit is essential. It is also essential that it is rated correctly and routed into the premises in a way that ensures flexibility of layout and change and expansion.

Single Phase

In an industrial or commercial environment even the single phase circuit will be comparatively heavy duty in comparison to a domestic one. Chancery Contracts will establish the correct rating and ensure installation and layout for maximum flexibility in operation and future expansion.

Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our power design and installation services please get in touch.