Industrial and Commercial Efficiency Opportunity

If you are running a factory, office or other commercial operation and suspect that a large proportion of the money you spend on energy might be being blown out of the window or flushed down the drain - you might well be right.

Chancery Contracts are here to help with technology, management solutions and a mixture of both which when combined adds up to a great deal more than the sum of the parts.


heating savings
  •  Zone Heating Simply
  •  Optimise Existing Heating Systems
  •  Centralise control and increase flexibility
  •  Receive Notifications / Reports

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lighting savings
  •  Gain Central control of lighting
  •  Ensure lighting is used effectively as and where it is required
  •  Gain Flexibility – more switching or dimming
  •  Reduce maintainance factors and Downtime

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Process Controls

process controls
  •  Control multiple aspects of a process centrally
  •  Reduces room for error
  •  Improves Efficiency and Reduces down time
  •  Multiple user levels and user privileges

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Resource Management

resource managememt
  •  Access controls to track staff movements
  •  Occupancy Reporting
  •  Others aspects of the system can respond to staff movements, e.g. heaters and lights to standby in an empty room
  •  Reduces running costs

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What is BMS?

building managememt system

BMS, BEMS and BAS are effectively a development of the same principle: a computer controlled Building Management System designed to bring together all aspect of the buildings environmental and operational control.

In time this has become more focused upon energy saving and is now more and more capable of making decisions to optimise the systems.

Previously a system only available to large buildings and government installation mostly due to budget and a certain mystery held with it.

It is of our belief that these systems along with all of their benefits should be brought to the small and medium business at an affordable cost, and backed up with an affordable after sales and maintenance scheme.

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remote controls
  •  Enables Monitoring and control from anywhere with an internet connection
  •  Great for Multi-site installations
  •  Retain full control or an over seeing eye from any where
  •  Remain reactive and informed where ever you or your management go

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Streamlined Controls

streamlined controls
  •  Centralise and Automate otherwise manual control
  •  Bring Multiple Technologies together
  •  Simplify PPM’s, and get reminders if they are missed
  •  Reduce the cost of routine tasks, remove room for oversights

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Energy Consumption

energy consumption
  •  Real time energy monitoring as a whole or a specific part / parts
  •  Reporting for Accountancy, Pricing and Improvements
  •  Automatic Function alerts
  •  Gas – Oil – Electricity – Water and more

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