Domestic Installations

Chancery contracts is a part p registered company which enables us to carry out work in domestic premises and certify our work. Once complete the work is registered with the government and the owner receives a certificate to state that the work was carried out by a competent company. This needs to be kept in a safe place as it will be asked for when selling the property.


Wouldn't it be great if your home could predict what you want and when you want it? Not in a creepy haunted house sort of way, but in a way where you decide what is delivered and when. A bit like having a very attentive manservant on hand 24 hours a day.

smart home controlWell, with a Smarthome installation you can have just that. A Smarthome installation is one where one, or more central controls 'manage' the domestic environment according to predefined rules that the home owner prescribes. Lights come on when someone enters the room, the sound system follows you around the house, the central heating is controlled by your smartphone. In fact just about everything can be controlled via your smartphone

Just a few years ago this technology was science fiction, but now it is mainstream and affordable. Not only can it make your domestic life more comfortable and agreeable it can also save quite a bit of money on energy bills too - not to mention helping to save the planet by the way.

Chancery Contracts has been installing Smart Home technology since it first became available for commercial and high value domestic premises. As such, we have a wealth of experience to bring to any project - no matter how small, or large.

Now that prices have dropped substantially, this is technology is well within the the reach of the average home owner.

See also: Smarthome


Lighting is undergoing a revolution at present. Not just in design, but in technology too. New LED lighting units are bringing a whole new dimension to domestic installations. Not only are they very low cost to run, LED lighting output can be extraordinary and lighting effects that once required cumbersome multi-bulb, or filtered units, can now be achieved with cost effective devices no bigger than a standard light bulb.

Each LED light can hold information on its own identity making it easy to control centrally, how and when it is activated and what it looks like when switched on. This all fits in very nicely with Smarthome technology of course, but LED lights are now available for use in standard light fitting units and can bring substantial benefits without any changes to the system overall.

Of course, no matter what the technology is, the design of the lighting in any domicile can make all the difference between comfortably acceptable and stunning. The trick is understanding this before installation - at the design stage. This is where Chancery Contracts can deliver so much more value than just the installation. Our extensive and long standing experience in both commercial and domestic lighting means we can provide invaluable insight at the design stage to ensure that the end result is as beautiful as you would wish it to be.


plug unitsThere is no escaping the fact that the average household now contains more electrical devices and requires more electrical access points than ever before. While new technology is heavily focused on reversing this trend on individual items, this only goes so far when the total number of items keeps increasing. And the larger the premises, the more complex the problem.

Domestic installations therefore need power provision that is not just adequate, but with headroom to allow for growth as we move into a future with an almost inevitable increase in demand for electricity. How this is configured and how best to limit consumption is advice we can provide for new installations and re-wires alike.

Chancery Contracts offers a full power service from initial design and specification through to installation and maintenance.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms can often seem like such a simple thing, it hardly seems like bothering an electrician with. Pop down the local DIY warehouse, stick it on the ceiling and we're done - surely?

This ignores how import smoke alarms are in genuinely saving lives. Minutes, even seconds, can make all the difference in a domestic fire between survival and catastrophe. Getting it wrong really is a life and death issue.

Chancery Contracts fits smoke alarms to BS5839 Part 6 and can advise on locations and quantity. This advice is based on years of installation experience together with years of working with health and safety organisations and fire services. The smoke alarms can now also be connected into Smarthome systems, switching on lights, emergency lights and even music when the alarm is triggered.

With Chancery Contracts you will have full peace of mind that the right number of smoke alarms have been specified, of the correct type and in the right locations. Great news if you have a family and want to sleep at night.

AV Systems

There was a time when all you needed for home entertainment was a telly in the corner and if you were lucky a nice hi fi unit. No matter how you spin it, these were not the good old days and thankfully both technology, and the sheer range of audio visual equipment available, means that home entertainment can now truly be entertainment in the home.

Whether it be lightweight LED TV screens mounted on the wall with discrete cabling, embedded speakers in walls, or skirting boards, Smarthome based systems, multi-room systems, or even home cinemas, Chancery Contracts can provide a cost effective solution that truly delights. Now that's entertainment!

Security Systems

It is a truly dreadful experience being burgled - just ask anyone who has gone through it. Massively invasive, the end result is not just the physical loss, but an ongoing feeling that the security of the house has been breached and can never be fully restored.

The security systems installed by Chancery Systems are designed to prevent such a thing every happening. While no security system is infallible, our experience in designing a system installation for optimum security will significantly reduce the risk.

Inspection and Testing

It seems like year-on-year there are more rules and regulations relating to electrical safety in the home. This is for a good reason. With more and more electrical equipment being in the home and the continual risk in any new home of encountering DIY 'improvements', it is important to have an independent view on the safety of the equipment and electrical installation as a whole.

More and more insurance companies are asking for up-to-date electrical installation certificates to prove your electrical installation is in a safe condition this will also be required if you sell your house.

Once your current electrical installation certificate has expired (normally ten years for all new installations and rewired properties) you will then have to have an E.I.C.R ( electrical installation condition report) this is electrical test to prove that your electrical installation is still in a safe condition . For further information please contact us.

Energy Optimisation

Whether it is questionable pricing practices from the energy companies, government subsidising green energy, or just a reduction in available energy sources, energy prices will continue to rise in the coming years. There is little we can do about this other than generate our own electricity, or reduce our consumption.

Generating electricity can often come with large upfront costs, but reducing consumption can often be achieved with minimal up front cost. At Chancery Contracts we help our customers optimise electrical consumption by providing both advice and equipment.

Chancery Contracts works with domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our dometic installation and design services please get in touch.