Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are installed to comply with British standard 5839 with part 6 mainly to cover household premises and part 1 to cover all other areas. Each of these parts have several sections for different types of buildings and types of cover required mainly for insurance.

The technical knowledge and experience of Chancery Contracts means that we can design install and service fire alarms that fully protect a building effectively for the complete life of the system.


For a fire alarm system to be fully effective it is essential that it is designed correctly for the building it is being installed in. This means identifying the correct automatic alarm points in relation to the operation of the building that will detect fires, but not continually create false alarms. For example, a kitchen is huge fire risk in a building, but putting the fire alarm in the centre of the kitchen would constantly create false alarms; a nearby location, that would only trigger an alarm in the event of a genuine fire, might be better.

With our partners we can offer a design service and advice on what is the best type of fire system to suit your building requirements and safety of staff and public.

Fire AlarmInstallation

Chancery Contracts installs fire alarms and fire protection systems as part of a new build, refits, or as amendments or extensions to existing systems. We do this work whether we have undertaken the original design and specification, or not.

From the design we will provide the installation of the fire alarm also to suit the fabric of your building so the cables are installed in a discrete way where required.

As experienced electrical contractors we know to install the containment to fix back the cables and protect the cables in areas where there may be mechanical damage.


On completion of the installation a fire alarm installation certificate and a commissioning certificate will be issued and, if we have undertaken the design, a design certificate. A zone chart is also provided showing what zone covers which part of the building. We can also provide CAD drawings showing all routes of the cables if required.

We can also offer a service to maintain the fire alarm system with our partners . It is vitally important that you have your fire alarm checked on a weekly basis keeping a log of which equipment has been tested with a more indepth check very six months and a further annual check. By the the end of each year all your devices on the system should have been tested and logged in your log book for a record.

Should you require any further advice on fire alarm systems and installations and a free no obligation quotation for the installation or maintenance of a fire alarm system, please get in touch.