Loxone Home Automation

Chancery Contracts is a Gold Partner, supplier and installer of Loxone Home Automation systems.

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Headquartered in Austria, with a development and production facility in the UK, in just a few years, Loxone has grown to become a major player in the world of home automation systems, or smarthome systems as they are more generally known.

Loxone have a mission to provide affordable and user friendly domestic systems that allow the homeowner to control a wide a range of electronic and electrical devices using readily available computer units such as tablets or smartphones.

Loxone MiniserverThis mission is brought to life using their core product - the Miniserver. This is a central scalable control unit that can be used to provide control for anything on the system from lights, to heating to home entertainment.

The software used for configuration and control is also produced by Loxone and will run on PC, tablet or smartphone - with a bias towards Apple products.

This is more than one product, it is a suite of products and is deceptively simple. That is, the central control unit and the software are both low cost and easy to access, but the configuration can be more complex than it seems at first. This is where partners such as Chancery Contracts can bring so much value. With our business background in electrical contracting, lighting and data, the smarthome concept has fitted into our portfiolio very easily.

A Loxone SmarthomeThe cabling and connection work that comes with a normal smarthome refit, is very much along the lines of our normal electrical work and, of course, all electrical work should be carried out by competent and qualified electrical specialists.

We also bring a great deal of value to the software side of the installation. This is not just in terms of familiarisation and training, but also in helping our customers choosing the right configuration to get the best out of their systems.

The Gold Partner status that Chancery Contracts has been awarded from Loxone is a reflection of the commitment we have to their products and the number of installations we have successfully carried out.

If you would like to know about our Loxone home automation installations see our Smarthome page, or get in touch.