Case Study - The House of the Future

The house of the future is likely to be warmer, cheaper to heat, cheaper to light and easier to run than you might think. In fact we 'know' because Chancery Contracts is already installing leading edge electronic controls in domestic properties that embrace the very latest environmental design concepts.

Often described as Passive Houses or a Passivhaus you will not be surprised to learn that many of these environmentally friendly ideas come from our cousins in Europe where the climatic conditions are even more challenging than our own.

There is a slight downside to these environmentally friendly builds in that, because of their structure, it can be difficult to find space for electrical runs and this problem does become more acute when considering the additional cabling required for a fully centrally controlled Smarthome.

Chancery Contratcs Ltd has the knowledge and experience to overcome the challenges that arise from these modern day buildings .

Towards the end of 2014 we undertook a Smarthome and power installation in a Passivhaus not a million miles away from our head office, here in the West Midlands.

Our very own David Lewis took a full pictorial record of the work and the gallery below takes you through the job from start to finish with an indication at the end of how the mood lighting part works in the library room.

Passivhaus / Smarthome Case Study Gallery

Chancery Contracts works with both individuals and building contractors on Smarthome installations for new builds, or re-fits. If you would like to know more about our Smarthome installation and associated design services then please get in touch.