Loxone Software Control

Loxone software puts the control of your whole home - literally at your fingertips!

wall mounted ipad control

The whole idea of a smarthome is to bring intelligence to control elements in the home that have been historically slavish and dumb.

For this to be truly appealing, it must be as personal as possible. The system therefore requires a central control, something that can run the whole show in a co-ordinated fashion, but can be set to the exact requirements of the owner.

The Loxone computer control system is just that - a software tool that helps you configure just how the sytem will run to your exact specification - and then makes it happen.

multiple device accessIt would be a poor system these days that runs only on one type of computer and so you will be happy to see that our software runs on iPhone®, iPod® Touch, iPad® and Android®, or via web browser, providing total flexibility as to how and when you configure your options. You can even mount you iPad controller on the wall - making a very stylish accessory.

The web browser interface, combined with the Loxone Cloud Services not only makes it easier to access the software without needing an install, it also provides remote control access options which allows configuration on the go - away from the house.

The Loxone configuration software is now on version 6 and is a mature product which offers a truly extensive range of configuration options. This free to download software is intuitive and easy to use. Configuration options include:

  • lighting
  • music
  • environmental
  • devices
  • safety
  • preset storage

lighting controlLighting

Lighting can be set to configurations that reflect a time of day, room usage or simply a mood. The limitations are really only the lighting installation and how configuarble the installed devices are.

This is an area where our lighting consultancy can be invaluable - providing the vision of the final install that makes the best use of the Loxone system.


As with lighting, the music installation can be configured by device, by room and even set to follow you around the house - only being available when someone is in the room.

The house can also be split into zones so that music fills the whole zone on presence and not just a single room.


Minimum and maximum temperatures can be set over the course of a day, optimising the use of central heating and ultimately providing a more comfortable home environment while also saving money.


Beyond music and lighting, devices such as blinds can be added to the system to enhance mood, or comfort. For example, blinds can be closed automatically when the light dims below a certain level, or triggered to be inline with certain lights being switched.


Condition monitoring throughout the system automatically checks for overheating, shutting off relays automatically if safety levels are exceeded.

Preset Storage

Configurations can be saved as a block and copied/re-used for additional rooms once set - making it much easier and quicker to configure a whole house.

Video Overview

The video below gives a good overview of the software and control options.

Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our smarthome installations and Loxone software control, then please get in touch.