Energy Efficient Lighting - Case Study

Project: Cex Plymouth

This retailer contacted us in regards to upgrading their lighting in order to reduce their running costs.

The existing lighting was at least 7 years old and employed T8 switch start fluorescent fittings. Due to the age of the fittings the client was spending more and more each year on maintenance and replacement fittings.

Running cost savings.

There were significant savings to be made and the exmple below outlines the starting running costs against the cost of new fittings and installation costs.

Also, for this project, the client wanted us to make alterations to the ceiling to incorporate the new fittings and remove the existing fittings and lamps.

End Result

LED Panels installed in storeThe client had a new looking store with higher lighting levels lights that consistently work all of the time with no maintenance costs for five years and no flickering lights.

A total saving of £36,000 on electricity costs was made for an an install cost of just £7,200. This added up to a total saving of £29,800.

The client also reduced their carbon emissions by 110.781 tonnes over the five year period.

The client also took the option on the ECA fitting and so will be able to claim tax relief as well at the end of their year financial year bringing further savings.

As a result of the success of the install and the savings made, the client is now looking at updating other locations

Example Summary of Savings Made by This Type of Installation/Upgrade

Existing Vs LED Panel

Comparisson Title Existing T8 Fittings vs LED Panels
Total Running Hours /Yr 3328 hours
Unit Cost of Electricity £0.14  
Projected energy price rise /yr 7.00 %
Cost of Lighting upgrade by Chancery Contracts £7,230.00  


**not accounting for installation cost or electricity cost increase**

  Switch St LED £ saved % Saved
Electricity Cost  / Year £6,570.03 1,678.13 £4,891.90 74.46%
Maintainance cost 1,360.00 50.00 1,310.00 96.32%
Running Cost / Year £7,930.03 1,728.13 6,201.90  78.21%


** accounting for fitting installationcost**

  Switch St LED   £s saved % Saved
First Year 7,029.93 1,795.60 -1,995.66 -28.39%
Second Year 7,522.03 1,921.29 3,605.08 47.93%
Third Year 8,048.57 2,055.78 5,992.79 74.46%
Fourth Year 8,611.97 2,199.68 6,412.29 74.46%
Fifth Year 9,214.81 2,353.66 6,861.15 74.46%
5 Yearly Maintainance Cost 6,800.00 250.00 6,550.00 96.32%
Total Running Cost  5 YEAR 47,227.31 10,576.01 36,651.31 77.61%


** accounting for fitting installation cost**

Install cost accounted for £7,230.00
Compound 5 Yearly Saving £29,421.31
Carbon Footprint reduction in over 5 year period 101.49 Tons
Payback Period accounting for Install cost 11.84 Months

Chancery Contracts Ltd lighting upgrade evaluation summary:

Carbon footprint saving figures are based on electrical usage difference multiplied by the average amount of carbon produced whilst generating 1 kw/h of electricity ** Figures from Defra - 2007

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Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our energy efficiency services please get in touch.