Energy Efficient Lighting

LED Light example 3

It only seems like five minutes ago that energy efficient fluorescent tube based light bulbs were introduced. These bulbs delivered 60 watt incandescent type light while only burning 11 watts - a massive leap forward.

With what seems like almost indecent haste, new technological developments mean that even this level of energy saving can be beaten - and by a substantial amount. LED (Light Emitting Diode) based lights can deliver similar types of light output as the energy saving fluorescent tube light at approximately half the wattage. This means a 4.5W to 6W device is now delivering the sort of output that required 60W with the old incandescent types - cutting consumption by more than 90% in many cases.

Remarkably, the savings do not stop there. Because the LED units operate at low temperatures and have no mechanical elements to them, the life of the unit is greatly extended with typical operating life quoted being between 25,000 to 100,000 hours. The uncertainty of life is generally dictated by the operating environment, with higher temperature environments typically reducing life. This extended life means that replacement costs are significantly reduced over time.

LED Light example 3

One other extremely useful advantage of LED lighting is that catastrophic failure is rare. This means you will never again walk into a room in the dark and hear that depressing ping noise as the bulb fails when you switch the light on.

One of the reasons behind both the long life of the LED based light and its energy efficiency is percentage of power used that is converted to light rather than heat. As a much higher percentage of the power used is direct to the light production, the LED units have a tendency to run relatively cool. So much so in fact that where they have been used in airport runway applications, additional heating is added to make sure they are not covered by ice, or light snow in the winter.

LED lighting is highly flexible too. In terms of the lighting range of individual units and how multiple unit devices can be configured, the warmth of LED lighting can range from a comfortable warm orange light all the way to bright white.

LED Light example 3

Initially quite expensive, LED lighting is now becoming mainstream as both production technology and volume production bring the unit cost into the reach of the normal household. For almost all of our solutions Chancery Contracts now supplies LED lighting as a way to deliver cost effective running solutions that are also highly configurable and look great.

As a handy by-product to both the low energy usage and the extended life, LED lights are the most environmentally friendly light ever. This means that when you do finally switch the light off - you can sleep soundly knowing that you have made one small contribution to a reduction in landfill and our carbon emissions.

LED panels

LED Panels have a very quick pay back period and in most cases is less than 12 months making these fittings very cost effective.

LED Panels example 1

It is worth noting that there are a wide range of panels on the market with different guarantees ranging from 10 years to 3 years. Chancery Contracts only uses manufactures that have been in the business of manufacturing fittings for a considerable time and will back us up should a fitting fail.

The government are offering an enhanced capital allowance on light fittings which enables you to claim a tax allowance on your profit at the end of the financial year for more information on this please visit Enhanced Capital Allowances -

From Oct 2012, if you're a business that pays income or corporation tax, you'll be able to claim a full 100% first year capital allowance on a product if it's on the Energy Technology List.

Chancery Contracts offer these ECA compliant fittings to our customers. They are slightly more expensive fittings compared to the non ECA compliant fittings, but have excellent lifetime cost saving benefits - as outlined above. However, if required, we can supply and install both options.


Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our energy efficiency services please get in touch.