A Fast, Painless Way to Creating a Smarthome

Last update: 9th Dec 2015

If the thought of turning your home into a smart home fills you with dread at the prospect of chased walls, ripped up flooring and a bill that can be seen from space, there is hope yet.

Loxone Air OverviewYou see not all smarthome installations require such heavy duty work. The latest wireless technology from Loxone allows a smarthome refit without the pain and cost of re-wiring.

Loxone Air is a wireless solution specifically designed to bring smarthome technology to those people who already have a nice home that they do not want to pull apart in order to turn it into a smarthome.

A smarthome is therefore within reach quickly and affordably for pretty much everyone.

Blind Spot Free

How Mesh Technology Works There has to be a catch surely? Especially when talking wireless. After all, you may be one of those people who are constantly grappling with the vagaries of access to your wireless router and dropped connections when you are just about to save something, or a vital free kick on the edge of the penalty area is just about to be taken in the football game you are watching. That type of reliability is not something you really want for your day-to-day appliances.

Fortunately Loxone has a solution to make the wireless smarthome installation every bit as reliable as a wired one. It is called Mesh technology.

With mesh technology, every device can act as mini router passing the signal on to other devices. This means that a smarthome with devices throughout the premises need never have blind spots - all areas are available all of the time.

Smart SocketThere are limits to this of course and the limit is 128 Air devices. Or 128 mini routers if you would like to put it another way. You may not regard 128 as a large number, but the best way to evaluate it is to sit down and list 128 devices in your house you would like control centrally as part of the smarthome setup.

It is not easy - for most homes, 128 devices is more than enough.

Flexible Phased Roll Out

The best thing about a wireless installation is the flexibility of implementation. Not only is it a cost effective solution, it can be implemented in a very gradual manner allowing you to decide how much to spend and when.

With devices such as the Smart Socket Air (pictured), the roll out is as simple as plugging the device into a wall socket - it could not get much easier than that.

Still Confused?

If you would like more information about how to get started with your smarthome installation and plan the roll out, please get in touch for an initial no obligation discussion.