Back to The Future

Last update: 17th Feb 2015

Victorian SmarthomeLooking at the fantastic range of features available from our Loxone Smarthome offerings, you might be forgiven for thinking that this stuff is highly futuristic and applicable to new builds only.

Well, if you did think that, you would be half right. Yes the technology can seem very futuristic, but it is here right now and can be used in all types of building - new or old.

Loxone have just released a fascinating case study showing how a Victorian townhouse has been turned into a state-of-the-art modern Smarthome using Loxone Technology. From the outside it just looks like a normal townhouse at home pretty much anwyhere in the British Isles, but inside it has been turned in a stylish modern dwelling with a range of exciting features - all of which can be centrally controlled.

Auto off/on controlRight at the start of the visit, you begin to get a sense of the technology contained within, with the Loxone Intercom providing a secure way to review visitors and grant access. Perhaps more surprising is finding the person granting access is not actually in the home at all, but remotely communicating via their iPad and granting access to delivery, or trades people as required.

Once in the house it is possible to see how easy day-to-day irritations are smoothed away. Using a magnetic key fob, the alarm is disarmed, the heating can be started, lights switched on throughout the house, and music switched on. All of the settings are fully configurable of course, so only the lights you want will come on.

Child fobs can also be used to disable the alarm when the children come home from school and initiate an automatic text message from the miniserver telling their parents they are home safely.

Smart BathroomMoving around the house, highly configurable mood lighting is present throughout, creating a feeling of cosy warmth, or relaxing coolness depending upon the time of year, or social situation.

Underfloor heating has also been installed throughout the house, configurable to each room so that appropriate temperatures can be set for each.

Heat and humdity sensors are installed in each bathroom so that fans only run when they need to after a shower has been used or someone has been in the bathroom beyond a set period of time. The fans can also be disabled during the night.

This building also now features a home cinema (see below) something the Victorians would have been unlikely to envsage when the house was first built. With configurable LED mood lighting strips arranged around the edge of the ceiling you really get a sense of being at the cinema, but with comfier seats and significantly fewer distractions. The cinema is hooked into the central HD TV distribution so that TV or movies can be viewed even as one moves around the house.

Victorian Home Cinema

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