New Loxone Electricity Meter Released

Last update: 27th Mar 2015

Oil prices may have come down in recent months, but in the energy world 'what goes down must come up' and recent events in Yemen in the middle east have shown that oil prices will indeed soon start to rise again.

The cost of electricity is therefore unlikely to plummet anytime soon and so it is a good thing to keep an eye on what energy is being used when and where.

Loxone Electricity MeterElectricity monitors have been available for a while now, but Loxone have just announced the release of their new Modbus Electricity Meter which is designed to work as part of a full Loxone installation and, better still, can be read through the normal Loxone control console.

Showing active power in amps and voltage the Loxone Electricity Meter provides a real time view on how much electrcity is being used by the home at any one time.

The meter can be used in conjunction with power generation as well as power consumption. So, for example, if you have solar panels fitted and generating electricity, you can see both electricity generated and electricity consumed and the difference between the two.

If you have a larger property or a business premises, then both single and 3 phase usage can be tracked providing a full detailed understanding of all electricity usage.

Data is started to be sent just 30s after the power is switched on and information is stored in a hardware device in case of voltage loss.

This is an excellent and recommended add-on to any Loxone installation.

For the technically minded, more detailed information can be found by downloading the Loxone Electricity Meter Technical Data Sheet.

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