Energy Efficient Lighting - Case Study

Project: West Brom

The CEX franchise has several stores and we have just completed a new one in Evesham where the owner had taken up the option for LED panel lights. He was so pleased with the light output and the effect it gave his Evesham store he asked Chancery Contracts to work out energy saving calculations on four other sites. Two of the sites have been fitted out in the last 12-18 months with the T5 lamps with electronic control equipment. As these fittings are quite efficient, the payback period would have been 2-3 years and we advised the client to wait a couple of years until his lamps started to fail and the fittings would be coming to the end of their lives as these fitting were relatively new.

Running cost savings.

The other two sites, West Brom and Kings Standing, had the old T8 lamp fittings with 4 x 36 watt lamps with switch start. These fitting are not efficient and the cost saving to changing over to LED fittings is normally less than 12 months - even when labour cost are added in. On switching the client would benefit from four years of reduced electricity charges plus lower maintaince costs saving between £20,000 and £40,000 - depending on the final quantity of fittings employed.

On seeing the cost saving the client asked to meet at the two sites to go over the works. While on site, he asked about back of house lighting - which at that point had not been in the calculations. Here we advised the client to remove the existing batten T8 fittings and exchange then for LED circular bulkheads. These LED fittings use 4 times less electricity than the T8 fittings one and are guaranteed for 5 years and so further electricity and maintenance savings could be made beyond the original estimate. There is an added health and safety benefit of not having to change lamps on the stairs in the dark.

End Result

The client had a new looking store with higher lighting levels lights that consistently work all of the time with no maintenance costs for five years and no flickering lights.

CEX West Brom Before and after

The client also took the option on the ECA fitting and so will be able to claim tax relief as well at the end of their year financial year bringing further savings.

As part of a one-stop-shop, full service deal, Chancery Contracts made all of the changes to the ceiling grid and supplied ceiling tiles to match the existing ones. In addition, we removed all old fittings and cardboard from the site for disposal.

The project can be seen in full the project gallery below and the the total savings calculations are outlined below the project gallery.

Project Gallery

Estimated Summary of Savings Made by This Installation/Upgrade

Existing Vs LED Panel

Comparisson Title Existing T8 Fittings vs LED Panels
Total Running Hours /Yr 3484 hours
Unit Cost of Electricity £0.14  
Projected energy price rise /yr 5.00 %
Cost of Lighting upgrade by Chancery Contracts £3,230.00  


**not accounting for installation cost or electricity cost increase**

  Existing (£) LED (£) £ saved % Saved
Electricity Cost  / Year 4,346 851 3,495 80.41%
Maintainance cost 830 40 790 95.18%
Running Cost / Year 5,176 891 4,285  82.78%


** accounting for fitting installationcost**

  Existing (£) LED (£)  £ saved % Saved
First Year 4,563 894 439 9.63%
Second Year 4,791 939 4,292 89.58%
Third Year 5,031 986 4,045 80.41%
Fourth Year 5,283 1,035 4,248 80.41%
Fifth Year 5,547 1,087 4,460 80.41%
5 Yearly Maintainance Cost 4,150 200 3,950 95.18%
Total Running Cost  5 YEAR 29,365 5,139 24,225 82.50%


** accounting for fitting installation cost**

Install cost accounted for £3,230
Compound 5 Yearly Saving £20,995
Carbon Footprint reduction in over 5 year period 72.5 Tons
Payback Period accounting for Install cost 8 Months

Chancery Contracts Ltd lighting upgrade evaluation summary:

Carbon footprint saving figures are based on electrical usage difference multiplied by the average amount of carbon produced whilst generating 1 kw/h of electricity ** Figures from Defra - 2007

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Chancery Contracts works with both commercial and domestic clients on new builds, or on re-fits. If you would like to know more about our energy efficiency services please get in touch.